Connecting Your Students to Their Future

Innovative Academic Solutions is an educational service provider of support services, traditional publishing and online courseware for the academic and career allied healthcare markets. Innovative Academic Solutions offers an integrated and unique approach to customized learning solutions for students in an alternative and traditional classroom setting.

Innovative Academic Solutions utilizes educational industry news, specific data, and current trends to better assess student needs by identifying what types of flexible products and services will enhance their educational goals.

Effective Courseware and High-Quality Support Services

Whether it’s for one certificate class, or curricula support for an entire campus, Innovative Academic Solutions can design and deliver the very best in student support, electronic courseware and textbook packaging that communicate course content effectively.

Innovative Academic Solutions provides a full portfolio of both high-quality custom educational courseware tools and support services that include individualized phone and online contact, books, study systems, remedial supplements, course packets, and other educational materials.

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